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Behavioral Operational Research - Theory, Methodology and Practice
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Behavioral Operational Research - Theory, Methodology and Practice
von: Martin Kunc, Jonathan Malpass, Leroy White
Palgrave Macmillan, 2016
ISBN: 9781137535511
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Format:  PDF
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Behavioral research is making a significant impact on many academic disciplines. Its status as the source of some of the most profound research in the social sciences is unparalleled. Therefore, it is not surprising that interest in Behavior and Operational Research (OR) is burgeoning, even though understanding the relationship between knowledge, behavior and action has been an academic preoccupation in OR since the beginning of the discipline.

This book introduces the idea of Behavioral OR, where the theoretical and empirical developments in the behavioral field are making an impression on OR academics and practitioners alike. The book provides a much needed overview that connects together theory, methodology and practice and offers the 'state of the art' on Behavioral Operational Research theory and practice. The book not only includes chapters by leading academics, but also includes rich and insightful real-life case studies by practitioners. 

Dr Martin Kunc is Associate Professor in Management Science at Warwick Business School and has a PhD in Decision Science from London Business School. His research interests are in the area of strategic planning, systems modeling and managerial decision making. He has published more than 25 articles in diverse journals such as Strategic Management Journal and Management Decision.

Dr Jonathan Malpass is a Principal Researcher at British Telecommunications. He has a PhD in Multivariate Statistics and his primary research area is Business Transformation. He has extensive experience of conducting research in understanding employee behavior, how employees interact with systems and employee engagement and morale.

Professor Leroy White is Professor in Management Science at Warwick Business School. His research interests are in problem structuring methods, social network analysis and large group decision-making. He has worked with a range of private, public and voluntary sectors organizations in both the UK and abroad. He has published over a hundred research articles. 

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