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Cultural and Ethnic Diversity - How European Psychologists Can Meet the Challenges  
Cultural and Ethnic Diversity - How European Psychologists Can Meet the Challenges
von: Alexander Thomas
Hogrefe Publishing, 2017
ISBN: 9781616764906
233 Seiten, Download: 2227 KB
Format: PDF
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Cultural and Ethnic Diversity
Chapter 1: Meaning of the EFPA Task Force Cultural and Ethnic Diversity for Psychologists in Europe
Chapter 2: Culture and Ideology
Chapter 3: Orientation in Cultural and Ethnic Diversity
Chapter 4: The Contribution of Psychology to the Development of Intercultural Competence
Chapter 5: Ethical Standards for Psychologists Working With Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Populations
Chapter 6: Does Cultural Diversity Reflect Differences in People Living in Distinct Countries?
Chapter 7: An Academic Teaching Programme in Cultural and Ethnic Diversity for MA Students of Psychology
Chapter 8: Development of Curriculum Components on Cultural and Ethnic Diversity at BA and MA Levels
Chapter 9: Coming of Age in Kosovo Today
Chapter 10: Intercultural Challenges in Conflict Mediation
Chapter 11: Adverse Impact and Intercultural Competence
Chapter 12: Reframing Human–Computer Interaction Based on Cross-Cultural and Cultural Psychology
Chapter 13: Effects of Cultural Diversity in Various Fields of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Chapter 14: Aspects of Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy
Chapter 15: Cultural Differences in Illness Beliefs, Coping, and Motivation for Psychotherapy as Predictors of Treatment Outcome
Chapter 16: Religious and Spiritual Competency of Mental Health Professionals in Psychological Care
Chapter 17: Intermarried Couples Negotiating Mixedness in Everyday Life in Denmark
Chapter 18: A Professional Qualification Framework of Working with (Im)migrants and Refugees (WIRE)
Chapter 19: Culture in Resilience Processes
Chapter 20: Developmental-Psychological Contributions to International Youth Exchanges
Chapter 21: Effects of International Youth Exchanges on Openness and Mobility in Professional Careers
Chapter 22: Effects of International Youth Exchanges on Young People in Need of Special Support
Chapter 23: Development of Multicultural Identity in International Youth Exchange Experiences

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