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Antisocial Behavior and Crime -
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Antisocial Behavior and Crime - "Contributions of Developmental and Evaluation Research to Prevention and Intervention"
von: Thomas Bliesener, Andreas Beelmann, & Mark Stemmler (Eds.)
Hogrefe Publishing, 2012
ISBN: 9781616764241
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Format: PDF
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Preface and Contents
Chapter 1 Environmental, Genetic, and Epigenetic Influences on the Developmental Origins of Aggression and Other Disruptive Behaviors
Chapter 2 Subtypes of Aggressive Behaviors Etiologies, Development, and Consequences
Chapter 3 Developmental Sequences and Pathways Towards Serious Delinquency and SubstanceUse
Chapter 4 Persistent Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 5 Protective and Promotive Factors in the Development of Offending
Chapter 6 Family Factors in the Development of Antisocial Behavior
Chapter 7 Social Sources of Crime Propensity: A Study of the Collective Efficacy of Families, Schools, and Neighbourhoods
Chapter 8 Media Consumption and Violence in Schools
Chapter 9 The Scientific Foundation of Prevention: The Status quo and Future Challenges for Developmental Crime Prevention
Chapter 10 Measuring Conflict of Interest in Preventionand Intervention Research: A Feasibility Study
Chapter 11 Effective Interventions for Juvenile OffendersUsing Meta-Analysis to Bridge from Research toPractice
Chapter 12 Offender Desistance Policing (ODP): Less Prison and More Evidence in Rehabilitating Offenders
Chapter 13 Violence Risk Assessment: Things that I Have Learned So Far
Chapter 14 Comprehensive Risk Management Instruments for Serious and Violent Young Offenders: Challenges and Advantages
Chapter 15 Forensic Psychological Assessment in the Criminal Justice System: Development and Perspectives in Germany
Chapter 16 Young Offenders and Legal Competencies
Chapter 17 The Development of Delinquent Behavior: Variable- and Person-Oriented Methods of Analysis
Chapter 18 Latent Growth Curve Modeling and the Study of Problem Behavior in Girls
Chapter 19 Evaluating National Programs: A Case Study of the No Child Left Behind Program in the United States
Chapter 20 Principles of Symmetry in Evaluation Research With Implications for OffenderTreatment
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