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Bourdieu's Theory of the State - A Critical Introduction
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Bourdieu's Theory of the State - A Critical Introduction
von: Steven Loyal
Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
ISBN: 9781137583505
159 Seiten, Download: 5624 KB
Format:  PDF
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  Bourdieu’s Theory of the State 3  
     Acknowledgements 6  
     Contents 7  
  1 Introduction 8  
  2 Bourdieu’s Intellectual Biography 14  
     Sociology as a World-view 16  
     The French Intellectual Field 19  
     Social and Political Context 21  
     Outlining Bourdieu’s Work 22  
        1. Algeria and the Bearn Peasantry 23  
           Studies on the Béarn Peasantry 26  
        2. Education and Social Reproduction 28  
        3. Ritual and Social Practice 30  
           Reflexivity 37  
        4. Symbolic Power 39  
           Recognition and Misrecognition 43  
  3 Classical and Modern Theories of the State 46  
     Marx 47  
     Weber’s Theory of the State 51  
     Durkheim On the State 58  
     Modern Theories of the State 63  
     Elias and the State 64  
     Charles Tilly 66  
     Corrigan and Sayer 69  
  4 Bourdieu’s Theory of the State 74  
     The State as a Monopoly of Physical and Symbolic Violence 74  
     The State Exists Outside of and Within Individuals 79  
     The State and Sociology 82  
     The State as a Self-fulfilling Prophecy 82  
     Acts of State 85  
     The Power of Naming, Delegation, the Public and Acting for the Universal Interest 86  
  5 The State and the Field of Power 90  
     The State and the Field of Power 92  
     Academic Titles 95  
     Structural Homology 97  
     The State as a Meta-field 99  
  6 State Formation 102  
     The Concentration of Capitals 104  
        The Monopolisation of Physical Capital 104  
        The Monopolisation of Taxation 104  
        The Concentration of Cultural Capital 105  
        The Concentration of Juridical Capital 106  
        Monopolisation and Universalisation 107  
     The Dynastic Patrimonial State – The Second Phase of State Formation 108  
     From the King’s House to the Reason of the State – The Third Phase of State Formation 110  
     From Bureaucratic State to a Welfare State – The Fourth Stage of State Formation 113  
  7 An Assessment of Bourdieu’s Theory of the State 116  
     How Penetrating Is State Thought? 118  
        The ambiguity of symbolic capital 127  
     Moving Beyond Existing Approaches of the State 128  
        Against Gramsci 134  
     Durkheim and Hegel Contra Marx 140  
        The Continuing Relevance of Bourdieu? 148  
  8 Conclusion 152  
  Index 155  

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